Chuck's Traveller Game

Edited Notes for 3/21/10

Actors, chemists and fools on horseback

Maiden voyage of the rebuilt Mongoose. A jump-2 trip from Quar to Rasatt. Rasatt is in the general direction of Narval and the trade route leading to the Jewell sub-sector. The Mongoose needs to unload 3-tons of Led Zepplin T-shirts, and a non-industrial planet is the best bet.

White goes back to the hotel where the crew first met, to find passengers. He is able to convince a pair of middle-passage passengers and one high-passage passenger to travel to Rasatt on the Mongoose. The first middle-passenger is Ziggy. He is a traveling art critic, and is looking for the best examples of performance art to feature in a sector-wide award show. Stardust is traveling with Ziggy. She is an actor’s agent who, at this time, has no clients. She is looking for prospective mime and juggling acts to bring back to the imperial core. Jamie is a skilled tool and die machinist who was laid off from his job on Quar. He is using his severance pay to travel, in style, to Rasatt. He hopes to find work on Rasatt. Ziggy and Stardust complain about everything during the trip, but White soon make it clear that his steward services are only available to high-passengers. Ziggy mopes in an artistic funk, and Stardust decides to spend the trip hanging out with White. She cannot hold her liquor, and whenever White gives her a drink (which is his main technique for seduction) she soon collapses into a snoring heap.

Arriving at Rasatt, the sixth planet has a crude planet-side star port. The Mongoose lands safely. Jamie gives White a tip for his exceptional skills as a steward. Stardust asks if she can stay with White, but she doesn’t have the money to pay for another passage. She makes up with Ziggy and they leave the Mongoose in search of artists.

LaBlaugh does an amazing job selling the T-shirts on Rasatt. They become the most desired fashion accessories of the season and are sold at 4 times the going rate for Led Zeppelin shirts. LaBlaugh then purchases 3 tons of lawnmower blades.

There is no refined fuel on Rasatt, but the star port is next to a fresh water lake. It will take one week to refine enough water to refill the fuel tanks.

Philippe Latoya is an interested party looking to get to Narvel. He is involved in the resistance fighting going on on the planet.

We took down a person seeking information on our passenger. The money was just too damn good. He died by way of a hollow tooth. He was being watched after by Randall Jewel who was aboard a freighter called the Space Vanguard IV.



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