Chuck's Traveller Game

Edited Notes For 3/7/10

In space no one can smell you poop your spacesuit

Begins on a ship on the way to the third planet of the Binary Star of Plaven. Junk fighters attacked us on the journey. We were asked to pick-up the surviving pirates that we exploded out of a group of fighters. We lost 20% of fuel in combat and suffered massive damage to our structure. Captain Jack Beaver boarded out ship with hopes of parleying for the lives of his surviving refugees. We agree to meet with Beaver on his Moon base, a Phebe Station(from Freelance Traveller.) Most of the complex is covered with dust, it is in fact an old abandoned space station converted for use by the pirates. The station is very old. It probably pre-dates the last Imperial War. It is surprisingly still fully functional. Someone gave instructions to the pirates concerning the possible arrival of the Mongoose. He had already taken care of the Mongoose. There is not much left of the ship after he was done getting the crew off the ship. He was to ship the crew to Far Reach. Their official destination was also Far Reach.

Moon base would be extremely difficult to attack from space. Seeing it has a set of very powerful guns. The station is now powered by a power plant pulled off a ship. The station was now identified as Old Imperial. The things that are mainly powered: Life Support, Defenses.

We were able to recover the Mongoose from the bottom of a river on Plaven 2 delta. We are taking the Mongoose to the primary planet on the primary star to get it fixed up enough to get it fly-worthy. The Hadoci’s Daughter will be towing us in to the primary planet.

We have a couple options in front of us. Either we can get the Mongoose towed to Quar, We can chase after the old crew of the Mongoose, or we could work on the prospect of finding out the Mystery of the Aces and Eights.

We ultimately decided to handle the Mongoose immediately. We gave Allison Reilly the money to commission the use of a Vulture to bring the Mongoose into Quar. We were also able to get some low-passage passengers to use as decoys for the contract on our head.

Fred Saberhaven, the pilot of the Vulture that will be transporting our ship to Quar.



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