Chuck's Traveller Game

A Recap of the Story So Far

The game/time-line so far….

1. Mustering out on Quar – 2 weeks game time The third frontier war has just ended (year 986) Crew meets up on Quar Roust some drunks out of hotel room (including Alora Starr) See Allison Reilly in action in street-fighting contest

2. Jump to Stave – 2 weeks game time

3. On Stave investigate the disappearance of Charlois – 2 weeks game time Investigate death of Charlois Save Charlois’ daughter Defeat bandits and turn the leader over to planetary authorities Meet Zhodani forces Find out about White’s condition Arrange transport to Sheyou

4. Jump to Sheyou – 2 weeks game time

5. Interrogation at Zhodani naval base on Sheyou – 2 days game time Meet with Zhodani military/intelligence agents Get reward plus passage back to Quar Offered position in Zhodani intelligence service (declined)

6. Sightseeing on Sheyou prime – 5 days game time More information about White’s condition

7. Help with rouge ship on collision course with Sheyou prime – 1 week game time Board automated mercenary cruiser Re-direct away from Sheyou where it blows up in space Illuminatus references found on ship

8. Contacted to help investigate possible card cheat on Cruise liner Domine Allegro

9. Jump to Quar – 2 weeks game time Sergeant-Major (retired) Oberon Prester is murdered by Dolby Black aces and eights are missing from Prester’s regimental deck Aces and Eights were destroyed on Narval in the Croner subsector (previously said Gougeste in Jewell) Colonel Semyon, Major Gunn and their security force were part of final poker game

10. Riot on Quar – game time 1 day McCoy stopped at bio-scan entering Quar See Major Gunn in contact with Dolby on Quar before riot breaks out Riot sparked by too many off-worlders ruining local Quar economy

11. Recovery from riot – game time 6 days Full recovery from injuries Restocking of weapons and ammo McCoy given medical instruction to keep his infection under control Meet with Allison Reilly Agreed to track missing starship crew (Their flight plan was Quar -> Plaven -> Narval -> Cipango -> Chwistyoch -> Clan -> Farreach) Agreed to investigate the disappearance of Diana de Edgemont (missing high imperial noblewoman)

Total game time: 12 weeks

Open quests: Find out why Oberon Prester was killed Find missing starship crew that Allison Reilly hired and find missing ship Find the missing noblewoman Investigate where ship/bomb on Sheyou came from Investigate White’s condition Investigate McCoy’s infection

Advancement Points allocated: Frank – White: athletics (endurance) 1 Gabe – McCoy: athletics (endurance) 1, medic 1 Tony – Jane: athletics (endurance) 1 Matt – LeBlanc: athletics (endurance) 1, diplomacy 1 Jeff – Vitto: athletics (endurance) 1, computers 1



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