Chuck's Traveller Game

recp of 2/7/2010 session

Feb. 2, 2010

Active Characters: Reggie, Vito, Jane, McCoy

Character in cold-storage (literally): White

On Quar, group decides to follow Reilly’s missing ship/crew to Plaven. Looking for transport off-planet isn’t promising. All starships are grounded until planetary authorities finish charging rioters and spacers. LaBlaugh tries to bluff the spaceport authorities into letting the characters off-planet. He claims White is carrying perishable organs for transplant. The officer at the port puts White into cold-storage to protect the valuable “transplant organs”.

LaBlaugh and Vito track down free trader named “Haiduci’s Daughter” (props. to Woken Furies By Richard K. Morgan) which is scheduled to leave for Plaven. The captain of the free trader is Zeno Zenobius. The ship is fairly battered and patched, but looks reasonably spaceworthy. Zeno’s crew were all badly injured in the riot and is looking for a fill-in crew until Plaven. He will only take the characters if Reilly vouches for them and comes with. He apparently knows her from before. Zenobius’ XO is a Vargar named Zon. He definitely knows Reilly. Zon also says “McCoy smells like cat”

Jane, Vito, Allison Reilly and Zon load cargo. The cargo bay has clearly been modified. About 10-15 tons of space is walled off behind a high-pressure bulkhead. Vito finds modifications to the fuel and power systems.

Zeno loads his regular crew into the low passage berths along with White. McCoy is assigned as pilot, LaBlaugh on comms, Vito and Reilly as engineers, Jane and Zon security. McCoy jumps with a great big splashy take-off from Quar. The trip takes the standard 2 weeks and is uneventful. After dropping increasingly less and less subtle hints, Reilly finally jumps Vito’s bones. They spend the trip “getting exercise”.

The Plaven spaceport (class E) is located on Plaven I Gamma. This planet is a cold, barren rock with a thin nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere (0.7 atmospheres). It is only protected by an antique system defense boat, and Haiduci’s Daughter is the only ship on planet. There are in-system hauler’s that carry food and water from a planet orbiting the other star of this binary system (Plaven II Gamma). Reilly’s missing ship (The Mongoose) never arrived on this planet. The only city is a science center close to the starport.

LaBlaugh and Vito figure out that there are only two places in this system to refuel a starship (provided the ship can refine water). Plaven I Gamma (where the spaceport is located), and Plaven II Gamma (another planet orbiting the binary partner star). LaBlaugh and Reilly convince Zeno to travel to Plaven II Gamma in search of more profitable cargo. Zeno’s regular crew is transferred to hospital facilities and White is thawed out. The ship prepares to travel to Plaven II Gamma (about a three day in-system trip).



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