• Ben McCoy (Captain Precious)

    Ben McCoy (Captain Precious)

    Retired imperial navy captain
  • Reggie LaBlaugh

    Reggie LaBlaugh

    Former-Planet Manager turned Privateer
  • Stanley Jane

    Stanley Jane

    Stanley Jane's atheltic build,light blonde hair & seablue eyes truely show his Terran decent. His sculpted frame is mared by multiple scars and a cybernetic arm (hand to elbow on right arm)
  • Tom White

    Tom White

    Disinterested in the Galaxy and constantly in the drink, this low brow charismatic man is actually one of the most renowned photographers in the galaxy
  • Vito Sanducchi

    Vito Sanducchi

    Vito is a native of Jewell and turned to piracy early in life. He's average in size and rakishly good looking, with black hair and eyes.
  • Allison Reilly

    Allison Reilly

    Tough broad with a troubled past (think Ellen Ripley in Aliens)
  • Captain Jack Beaver

    Captain Jack Beaver

    "Honorable" Pirate captain
  • Stardust


    Travelling artist's agent looking for clients
  • Zeno Zenobius

    Zeno Zenobius

    Half owner of Haduci's Daughter
  • Ziggy


    Travelling art critic
  • Zon


    The other half owner of Haduci's Daughter