Stanley Jane

Stanley Jane's atheltic build,light blonde hair & seablue eyes truely show his Terran decent. His sculpted frame is mared by multiple scars and a cybernetic arm (hand to elbow on right arm)


Characteristics:A98775 Skills:athletics(coordination)+1, athletics(strenght)+1, carouse+1, deception+1, drive+0, guncombat(slugpistol)+3, guncombat(slugrifle)+1, heavyweapons+0, investigate+0, medic+1, melee(unarmed)+2, recon+1, stealth+1, streetwise+0, vaccsuit+1


Jane was born on the planet Regina(the subsector capital) of pure terran ancestry. At 18 he join the Imperial Army and was sent to fight in the Frontier War vs. the Zhodani. In brutal campain after brutal campain he slowly lost faith in his commander. After being promoted he made an enemy of his commander by reporting his tactical failures that killed 90% of Jane’s commrads in arms. Said commander then forced Jane out of the service,where he hooked up with a Merc unit but it was the same waste of time as the army. Disgusted he left and became a licenced bounty hunter specializing is ex-military marks. Bad intelligence on a mark in a high security zone led to the loss of his right arm below the elbow. Now after 8 years has grown sick of the hunt and now looking towards a new life with this rag-tag group of misfits.

Stanley Jane

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