The Mongoose is a variant of the type S scout. All the statistics match the type S, but it is a member of the “serpent” class scout ships. It looks more like an over size Boeing 747. The wings rotate and it can VTOL on planet. (There is a drawing of the Mongoose in the “maps” section of this website).

Deck plan of the Mongoos

On Quar, the Mongoose was repaired. The crew takes out a loan to buy the salvage rights from Allison Reilly and to pay for repairs.

The total debt is 5Mcr to Allison Reilly, 10Mcr for jump drives, 0.4Mcr for armour, Beam Laser turret for 1Mcr, Missle launcher turret for 0.75 Mcr. Total = 17.15 Mcr. The crew had 11 ship shares so the debt is reduced by 11% of the cost of a type S scout or 3Mcr. The bank loan is 14.15 Mcr. The monthly payment is 1/240 of the balance or roughly 60,000 credits per month. Add the maintenance and life support costs, and the total monthly payment is 70,754 credits per month.

This all is covered in a spreadsheet called Traveller Finances, created by Matt.


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