Pirates of the Black Pearl

These pirates follow the rules of the Black Pearl, which dictate their code of conduct. Making them more docile.

Each pirate wears a gold piece on a chain around his/her neck. One side shows a skull and crossbones and the other side shows the imprint of an ancient square rigged ocean sailing ship.

Vito Sanduchi, our ex-pirate knew a little about them. They are a loose confederation of pirate groups who ascribe to an almost religious adherence and reverence to an ancient set of rules governing the proper way to be a pirate.

The ancient pirate texts from earth-that-was talk about the pirate’s pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow. The texts tells of a safe haven for Pirates called Tortuga where all pirates followed the pirate-code. Modern pirates, who follow the pirate-code, attempt to set up safe havens like Tortuga in unoccupied space. The dominant pirate captain is always called “Captain Jack something”. The crew has met Captain Jack Beaver in the Plaven system.

Parley is a key part of the pirate-code. When pirates are captured by another pirate captain, the prisoners can be exchanged for prisoners, money or anything else of value. Captain Jack Beaver used the rules of parley to recover his pirates that the crew captured at Plaven. He was willing to invoke parley because he was aware of Vito’s pirate background.

Pirates of the Black Pearl

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